God’s Lead: A Devotional Perspective on Tango

by Martha James, sophomore

He made eye contact with me.  Startled at his advance toward me and the taking of my hand, I let myself be pulled to the center.  Encircled around us, our friends and some strangers watched in anticipation.  I was confused as to why he chose me.  I had not learned the correct steps.  Anxiety pulsed through me as he placed his hand on my waist and asked for my right to accompany his left.  I wanted to warn the hollowed floors beneath our feet of the hurricane that would soon ensue.

I quietly reminded him that I did not know the steps.  He looked at me with gentle calmness and replied, “Confidence, Martha.”   After a brief moment of silence, interrupted by my deep breath, the music commenced.  The tango tune coming from a small radio in the far corner prompted his first step.  He led me forward, to the side, and then back, never losing focus.  His eyes were locked on mine.  In that moment, he guided me.  There was no flaw in his movements.  I felt secure.

Concordia students use blindfolds to practice tango steps.

God is asking for my hand every day.  He desires to take me out of my comfortable state and solicits for my dependency.  There is no hesitation in his strength as he holds me close.  He knows every step perfectly and will not let me fall.  I am graceful and elegant because of His determination to make me so.

He whispers confidence in my ears and my anxiety compares nothing to His peace.  I am overwhelmed by His longing to dance with me.  He chose me.  Without His presence I stand still, motionless, without hope.  The act of dancing by myself or to my own steps is futile.  Looking into my soul, He reminds me of the trust that I am lacking and therefore need.  Nothing wavers His steps.

I hear the beckoning of my love.  He wants to lead me into a place of peace and rest with careful precision and with my faith solely in Him.

9 thoughts on “God’s Lead: A Devotional Perspective on Tango

  1. Fifty years ago we sang DANCE DANCE WHEREVER YOU MAY BE I AM THE LORD OF THE DANCE SAID HE!!!! Great Ylvisaker Song and a Great Life… Carry on.

  2. Oh Martha! 🙂 You are so lovely and so faithful. Remember you always have EVERYTHING & NOTHING to lose. I love you and am praying for continued confidence and continued growth. Keep dancin’!

  3. Martha I miss you! I LOVE the analogy. It has me thinking back to ballroom lesson days when I realized I had to learn and practice following. The following wasn’t easy, it took such care. Wish I could call you.
    The jealous older sister.

  4. Martha, I am moved by what you wrote. With such clarity and graphic imagry, you drew me in to your emotions and surrender. Your “letting him lead” story is a wonderful parable that helps me focus on the Lord’s care for me and my response of trust, love and peace. We miss you here in Rocklin. Your pastor.

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