Digging In and Scraping Goats

Written by Audrey Biesk.  Photo by Trenton Semple.

Well, there is no turning back now. I have finally come to the realization that I will not be in America for the next 3 months. It took me a good few weeks to accept the fact that I will wake up in a different country every single day until December 18. I have a feeling of contentment when I think about this now, because I truly see all of the benefits emerging in this trip. It was so easy, while preparing for the trip, to avoid my emotions and not deal with them until I was actually here and had to face them. I was in shock during the first week and was truly just going through the motions, and I think many others were doing the same. Our body clocks were altered, our diets were changed, our communication to family and friends was hardly existent, and our environment was definitely a new one. After getting familiar with all of these things, then I could really dig in and encapsulate what I was experiencing.

Adapting has been key. When things that were normal for so long are all of a sudden taken away, then the only choice I have is to acclimate.  After our 2-hour horse trek in the steppes of  Mongolia, I found myself burning and scraping the hair off of a freshly killed goat, which we then ate for dinner. The instant gratification of meals, and everything for that matter, was not present in the countryside. So, I took the opportunity to embrace Mongolian culture and do something that I never imagined doing. I feel so very blessed to have experienced the Mongolian life first hand and will forever remember what it means to truly “step outside of my comfort zone.” It is an ongoing process of self-discovery and getting used to the unfamiliar. I am happy to say that I am learning more and more ways every day to enhance my travel experience to the fullest.

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