Park Street Stroll

India can be a very overwhelming place. The noises, smells, sights, crowds, and even the flavors of food are very vivid and unique, and sometimes you just don’t quite know what to make of it. Trent and Josh go for a stroll on Park Street and describe what they see on the team’s first day in India.

Thai School Activities

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, Rounders taught English classes at a local middle school. Students are often intrigued but shy around a group of more than thirty foreigners. In order to break down barriers with these students, we often play some small and large group games. Here, Ellie and Kristine lead us all in some icebreaking games.

The Golden Triangle

The ATW II team moves around very rapidly and through many different countries.  Sometimes, remembering the geography of where we are is the most difficult part of the trip.  Nicole describes the significance of the Golden Triangle, the location where three Southeast Asian nations meet: Laos, Thailand, and Bohmar the Great (also known as Burma).

Here at the Wall

Our service time in Chiang Mai, Thailand included aiding a local church and school with their building project. Promise Lutheran Church is partnering with local people to build dormitories for low-income students so that they can attend the schools in the city. The ATW II team brought both the resources and the laborers in order to complete the first stage of this building project. Robyn explains what we had done so far on that first day.

Around-the-World Semester® II: The Reality Show

Sometimes, life can feel like a television show. The Around-the-World Semester® is often a whirlwind of faces, places, and stories happening all around you. On certain days, things can get a little complicated. Lydia shows us that on days like that, even the little things can be dramatic.

Cat Ba Bicycle Interview

From time to time, we try to sit down with our Rounders and catch up with how they are doing. However, because of the nature of our journey, these conversations often happen in places that are out of the ordinary. Here, I have a typical conversation with Kristine as we ride bicycles around an island paradise in Vietnam known as Cat Ba.

Culture Night Talent Show

Part of our service time in Vietnam included helping to teach English at
an international university in Thai Ngyuen. The university asked the
Around-The-World (r) II team to participate in a “Culture Night” where
multiple international universities had been invited to perform various
acts. This is one of our presentations for the evening, a rendition of
“Ordinary People” by John Legend, featuring Seth as lead guitar/vocals,
Howard as vocals, Alex on the djembe, and Hayden as the microphone