Culture Night Talent Show

Part of our service time in Vietnam included helping to teach English at
an international university in Thai Ngyuen. The university asked the
Around-The-World (r) II team to participate in a “Culture Night” where
multiple international universities had been invited to perform various
acts. This is one of our presentations for the evening, a rendition of
“Ordinary People” by John Legend, featuring Seth as lead guitar/vocals,
Howard as vocals, Alex on the djembe, and Hayden as the microphone

SHOUT in the Around-the-World® Lounge

While in Beijing, we had classes, meetings, and worship time in a lounge below our hotel.  The lounge area was covered with flags from all around the world, so we affectionately named this space the ATW Bar.  Here we see the group worshipping together during SHOUT while singing “Your Love Oh Lord”.  Abby shows us here how to sing and sleep at the same time.

Just Dance Beijing

Our week in China was full of culinary adventures and journeys to famous sites around the city and beyond.  Much of our time was spent simply experiencing the culture of Beijing and participating in the life of the city.  TrentAlex, and Dr. Preuss display this aspect of our trip by taking part in a dancing exercise for the staff of a nearby hotel.  Expect to see “Just Dance Beijing” hitting store shelves soon!

Mongolian Concert

While in Mongolia, Alexandra Castellanos had her 20th birthday.  The whole team went out to eat a fantastic meal at a restaurant named City Nomads.  A few of us stayed afterward in order to hear a Mongolian concert complete with traditional instruments and throat singing.  The whistling sound that you hear is actually coming from the same singers that are making the deep chanting sounds.  It was truly amazing!  Here is a glimpse of what we saw.

One Night in Beijing

The ATW Team had a one night layover in Beijing, China before heading on to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. The students and GAs decided to go out and explore Tian’anmen Square via subway. Mariah recounts some highlights of the night for us, including our search for a decent dinner.

First Test of the ATW Semester®!

The ATW Team is visiting many countries on our journey and we will encounter a variety of cultures and people groups. In order to avoid being “ignorant Americans”, students were required to take a test which assessed their basic knowledge of flags, national leaders, national capitals, currencies, languages and geographic locations for nine of the countries that we will visit.

This exam was given while we waited for our flight to Beijing, which helped to set the foundation of the academic aspect of our trip. It seems that some students were more prepared than others (note Hayden‘s clipboard)!