Alexander Bagnara

Major: English
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Can’t travel without: Variety of music

My name is Alex Bagnara. I have lived in Orange County my entire life with my father, Walt, brother Nick, step-mom Monica, and sister Rosemary. This is my second year at Concordia. I enrolled in the Lutheran Teaching Program when I started last year. However I since have changed majors to Christian Education Leadership in the Director of Christian Education program. Some of my hobbies are reading comic books, thinking long and hard about the AMC TV show Breaking Bad, and volunteering with the youth groups at Christ Lutheran Costa Mesa. I can’t travel without a good variety of music so I have something to attach memories to and not have them be crowded into one or two songs.

When I first heard about this trip it sounded like an awesome experience for those who were interested. Initially I was not very interested in this program but after months of being pushed by God and people around me to begin thinking seriously about this trip I knew it was something that God was calling me towards. I’m not sure what He has in store for me on this trip, but I know that I have to give the trip over to Him. I have to let God take control and use me whichever way He sees fit. Because when it comes down to it, we’re not living this life for ourselves, we’re living it for His glory and for the glory of His Gospel.

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