Debbie Preuss

Position: Team Mother and Counselor
Hometown: Placentia, CA
Can’t travel without: my Bible or something to read, and my family

Favorite subject(s): science, art, language arts
Family Members: Tim (husband), Seth (21), Lydia (17), Matthew (14), Abigail (11)
Hobbies: Admiring God’s beauty, reading, creating, gardening, cooking/baking, “people-watching”, camping

2 thoughts on “Debbie Preuss

  1. Hi sweet sister! I am praying for you every day! I know that God’s light is shining brightly through your sweet spirit! I hope you are having a BLAST! Love you! Patra
    Perfect love casts out all fear! Jesus is your perfect love! 1 John 4:10

  2. Hi Debbie
    LEts just say that life without the Preuss’s is like a dry desert. But watching your journey is like a well spring of life:) So excited to to see you adventures. Give everybody a hug and keep sending those pictures. Love the camels:)

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