Ellie Johnson

Major: Exersice Sport Science
Hometown: Upland, CA
Can’t travel without: knowing that the people I love at home will be praying and thinking about me

Hi! I’m Ellen Jo Johnson if you want to be exact. I am part of Concordia’s tennis team. I am lucky to come from a very close family who means the world to me and gives their full support for this incredible trip, my dad Terry, my mom Jami, and my sisters Katie and Annie. I love to be outside, hiking, exercising, going to the beach, or playing tennis. I enjoy spending quality time with the people I love the most as well as getting to know other people. This trip is going to change my life. I knew ever since I saw the video of the first ATW that I had to go on this trip, and it is happening. I am very excited to get to learn about myself through learning about and seeing the way other people live. I cannot wait to see God in ways I can’t even imagine and really deepen my personal relationship with my God. Thanks for all the prayers and support!


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  1. You better believe we will be praying for you!!! We are so excited for what God has for you on this trip! Ellie Johnson you are a precious gem!!

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