Hayden Folks

Major: History, Pre-Seminary
Year: Junior
Hometown: Castro Valley CA
I can’t travel without: A smile

I was born to Scott and Karen Folks and have a little brother named Tyler. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and lived there until I moved down to Concordia. My travel experience is minimal. I have never left the country so this will be a first for me. The Around-The-World Semester® is an amazing opportunity that God has put before me. I will get to travel to 10 different countries in five months and on top of that I get to do it with a group of peers. I hope that God uses my team to do his work on this trip.

This trip is perfect for me because there is nothing I like doing more than adventuring with friends. This will truly be an adventure that will test my friends and I. I look forward to the challenges and good times ahead. As I reflect on this upcoming trip I think the one thing I couldn’t travel without is the company of good friends. That may however mean I have to make my friends at my destination though.

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