Howard McBride

Major: Bachelor of Art in Psychology
Year: Junior
Hometown: South Bay, CA
Can’t travel without: Good laughs

I am from a small family of three. My parents names are Doris and Peter. I was born and raised in Carson/Torrance area of Los Angeles in the same house with my family and have lived there my whole life. I have traveled before but not in the context of what this trip seems to be offering: new perspectives. Although I am normally a calm guy, this trip has crept into my nerves and I am quite anxious of what may be in store for all of us going! Bringing my own perspective about everything with me, I hope that it will be challenge and refined through the people going with me, the people I meet, and just from traveling in general.

New challenges are what intrigues me and I love learning new things. Anything from sports, to music, to simple or strange hobbies, I am curious to learn. This curiosity is how I have come to being on this trip and I hope it brings me much blessing and refinement.

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