Karen Carney, Grad. Asst.

Position: Graduate Assistant
Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Can’t travel without: A good book

I am from a small family of four. My parents names are Denis and Ginger Carney and my ridiculously cool older brother is Ben. I was born and raised in Southern California except for four years of living in The Netherlands from 2000-2003 with my family. I consider myself a moderate traveler, ATW will be a complete new experience for me. Traveling with 37 people to 10 countries in 4.5 months gives me the chills! I am looking forward to learning different languages and I hope to share the love God has given me to his people throughout his world.

I love anything active, if competition is involved…I’m in! Indoor sports, outdoor sports, water sports and more. However, basketball has a special place in my heart. I would not be able to travel without a good book to accompany me on long flights. There is nothing like beginning a fresh book while taking off into the sky.

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