Katryna DaCosta

Major: Accounting and Finance
Year: Freshman
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Can’t travel without: Journal

I grew up in a family of five. My dad’s name is Mel, my mom’s Sam, and I have two older brothers Alexis 23, and Brennan 21. Throughout my life, my family and I have been very active in sports. I have played around 10 different sports, but my favorites were soccer and basketball. I played soccer competitively since I was 8 and basketball competitively since I was 11. If I am not playing sports or working out, I am either hanging out at the beach, going to the movies, doing spontaneous actions with friends, or hanging out with family. I also work at one of the many In-n-Out’s in San Diego.

One of my biggest passions is traveling, so whenever an opportunity arises I try and make sure money is not a limiting factor (I will work a few jobs to pay for it). The best way to be grateful and humbled by everything we are all able to be so fortunate enough to have in the U.S., is by going out and seeing and experiencing what other lifestyles are like in the world. I can’t travel without my journal or letters. A journal because I want to record the various people, places, and cultures I encounter so that I can tell my grandchildren my stories or they can read it themselves. Prior to finishing up my freshman year a lot of friends wrote me letters to read while I am traveling. These letters will help me on this trip when I want to get away and remember the people that are back in the U.S. When I miss a certain friend or family member I will be able to turn and read the letter. I am very excited to read these.

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