Kristine Allen

Major: English
Year: Junior
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Can’t Travel Without: Occasional solitude

My parent’s names are David and Sukkyung, and I have an older brother named Dave. We have lived in Irvine, in the same house, since before I was born. Although I love Southern California, I also love traveling. My mother has always gone on trips, taking me as her companion, so I am lucky enough to have visited many countries. However, I have never traveled gone on a trip like this before. I am incredibly excited to try all the new foods we will encounter, and I plan to try any dish I am confronted with. I am also looking forward to seeing how God works through me.

I love hiking, camping, and yoga. I grew up playing soccer, but because I have such terrible knees I was forced to stop. I am not able to travel without taking introspective breaks now and then, to allow myself time to process what I am experiencing. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a life-changing trip, and it is extremely important to me to understand what I am doing. Praying for strength and calm will be key.

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