Lauren Linnemann

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Portland, OR
Can’t travel without: Chapstick

Hey everyone! For the past two years I have taken some classes for my majors in psychology and pre-nursing, however, I am extremely excited and blessed to take a break from those areas of study and travel the world taking global courses and doing mission work. My hope is that someday God will use me as a pediatric nurse or a nurse practitioner to travel and help people in need around the world.

I’m from Beaverton Oregon (right outside of Portland) and I will definitely miss my friends and my family, mom, dad, and younger brothers, Andrew and Aaron. My hobbies are hiking, making musical covers with my friends, reading, cooking, playing the piano, cheerleading, and going on random adventures with friends. My lips are almost constantly chapped, especially in dry weather! I’m definitely bringing more than one tube of chapstick.

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