Lydia & Abby Preuss

Name: Lydia Preuss (Daughter)
Grade: 12th (senior!)
Favorite subject(s): Art, English
Hobbies: running, reading, listening to music, playing piano, spending time with friends and family
I  cannot  travel without my Bible, and also my Ipod. I think I would go insane without my music.
Name: Abigail Preuss (Daughter)
Grade: 5th
Favorite subject(s): History
Hobbies: Sleep, TV, read, play soccer, play with friends, swim
I cannot travel without my family and friends

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  1. Llydia and Abby, we know that God will keep you in His arms while you are making this travel abroad. Have a wonderful time, and hold tightly to that passport, Lydia.

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