Mariah Neilson

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Can’t travel without: A camera and journal

I have a huge family. My mom’s name is Melanie. My dad’s name is Ron. My siblings in order from oldest to youngest are Robert, Whitney, Chris, Amy, myself, and the youngest Siarah. And I can’t forget my dogs, who are a major part of our family, Sugarbear and Sir Dapper. My hobbies are hanging out with my family, swimming, and photography.

I absolutely love taking pictures. It is a way for me to share my experiences with others through what I see. Pictures also allow me to reminisce about the places I have been and the memories I made. Similarly to the pictures I take, my journal gives me a chance to look back on my adventures and relive them.

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  1. So blessed to be on the journey with you Mariah. I will be covering you in prayer. God is about to ROCK your world. Get get drenched with HIS love for you and the many people groups he has for you.

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