Robyn Cornish

Major: International Studies
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA
Can’t travel without: My NALGENE water bottle! Whether it be in between classes, on choir tour or around the world I NEED WATER!

Hi, my name is Robyn Cornish. I am a junior, International Studies major, thrilled to be going on the Around-the-World Semester®! As a member of the Concordia choir and worship teams on campus I am excited to see how God uses music to teach us things on this trip! My parents, Geoff and Eileen, and my sister Julia are jealous and happy for me to have this opportunity. I cannot wait to see the world, and all God’s creation praising Him in every language and style we encounter! Here goes nothing!

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  1. Yes! I’m so glad that time works for you. Do you have iMessage? I’ll be in contact when we get closer and I’ll give you a flight number to track in case were late. It’ll be only a few hours but totall worth seeing you ! I love you sister

  2. Hi Robyn, You dont know me but I know your father. I have worked with him in Holland at Bad Boys and Ashworth. I know your mother Eileen aswell, and you and your sister also, but you two where very young back then offcourse ;0) … I was looking for your father because I have always asked myself what has happened with Geoff over the years (I think grey now instead of red…) . Please give him my email en if you are not in the opportunity to do so, give him and your mother my best regards….
    All the best Gert Kos, Huizen The Netherlands

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