Seth Preuss

Major: History
Year: Senior
Hometown: Placentia, CA
Can’t travel without: A guitar

I am the oldest of four kids (younger sister Lydia, younger brother Matthew, youngest sister Abigail). My Mom and Dad (Debbie and Tim) are both coming on this trip with me; In fact, I’m blessed to have my whole family along for the ride. I lived in Nebraska till I was 14 and moved out to California six days before high school started, so that was an adventure. I love to travel and have been to roughly half of the Lower 48 states at some point in my life. I also love camping and hiking, so it’ll be awesome to do that outside the U.S.

I love sports of all kinds, with my favorites being football and lacrosse – a minor regret I have is missing an entire season of football, although I’m sure I’ll be distracted (in a good way) to miss it too much. I also love music and cannot go without a guitar for 5 months, meaning that I’ll just have to bring one along. Finally, I look forward to making new friends on the trip with my team members and other people we will meet, and strengthening the relationships I already have.

One thought on “Seth Preuss

  1. Hi Seth! I’m wondering how you are liking your experience so far. From what the students have written, it sounds wonderful. What did you think of the camel ride? I;m wondering if my replies to Lydia’s and your mom’s e-mails actually got through. I’m praying this will be a great growth experience for you and all the others as well. What marvelous things you will be seeing and encountering. I love you lots. God keep you in His almighty arms.
    Grandma Lang

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