Trenton Semple

Major: English / Theatre
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Can’t travel without: A picture of my loved ones

My family resides is Moreno Valley. My mother’s name is Pam and my little brothers name is Hayden. Hayden is a Sophomore in high school. My girlfriend’s name is Sydni and she also attends Concordia as an Art major. My father’s name was David but sadly he passed away from lung cancer in 2009. We also have two small dogs, Noodles and Simon. I am excited for the trip but I cannot travel without pictures of my loved ones.

Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, going out to see theatre, and swimming. I have enjoyed swimming since high school and am currently a certified Lifeguard. I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend seeing plays and musicals. Orange County is a great place to be for theatre! Reading is another great hobby. I enjoy American Literature but am really excited to explore all the texts during the trip.

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