Ganchlmaer Menhzharyaal

Story by Katryna DaCosta. Picture by Amber Arandas.

I met this little boy at the Don Bosco Orphanage Center. I was captivated by his charisma and his drive to learn more. His name is Ganchlmaer Menhzharyaal. He is the youngest boy, at age 8, in the orphanage. Prior to living at the orphanage, he was living on the streets of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with his grandmother. Although he was in the hands of a loved one, his grandmother was and is still unable to provide for him. She could not get him to school, properly feed him, clothe him, or give him sustainable shelter.

Since his grandmother is still around, she is able to come and visit him. He loves her very much. He used to run away to go see her before she came to visit him. If I could, I would provide the means for him to live with his grandmother if he was willing to continue his education in Mongolian and English. Interacting with him as well as the other boys has been a blessing. Seeing his huge smile and excitement when he saw me was truly heart-warming. For all that this young boy has been through so far, he remains cheerful and eager to play with the other boys or a stranger like me. Teaching him different ways to hit a soccer ball while playing volleyball brought far more joy then I could have imagined. He is also quite a little beast on the soccer field!