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Identity: Is It “Do to Be” or “Be, then Do?”

One of our enduring questions at Concordia University Irvine (CUI) raises this profound issue of identity: “Who Do You Say That I Am?” Originally, Jesus asked his disciples that question (Matthew 16:15). In fact, CUI’s theology courses revolve around prompting students to give their own response to Jesus.

But it is also appropriate to ponder the query in regard to one’s own personal identity. So much of the world establishes identity on the basis of what a person does. In short, you have to do, to be. Continue reading Identity: Is It “Do to Be” or “Be, then Do?”

How Shall I Live Well?

One big question we are asking in the Enduring Questions & Ideas curriculum is How Shall I Live? But perhaps the real question for most of us is “How shall I live well?” In our current culture and society, we often equate health with wellness. We see this in the question “How are you today?” In truth, few people are ever inquiring about your health or well-being. It is more of a throw away greeting of “Hello.” If you were to receive an answer to that question, it usually is something on the order of “I’m good” or “I’m OK.” Heaven forbid if one were to respond with “Well, I was just diagnosed with (insert your physical or emotional disease here).” Continue reading How Shall I Live Well?

Goodness: Beyond Beneficial

Concordia University’s Enduring Questions & Ideas (Q&I) curriculum looks at the big questions of life through the context of the liberal arts and in the foundation of a Christian understanding of the world. The questions of “What is good?”, “What is true?”, and “What is beautiful?” are at the heart of the first year Q&I courses that students take in Core Biology, Core Theology, Core Philosophy, and, my subject area, Core Mathematics.

Of those three questions, the one that seems to be the most difficult for students to grasp (and for faculty to teach towards) is the question of goodness. Continue reading Goodness: Beyond Beneficial